About unecem

Unecem e-trade is an online marketing website and a branch of Unecem Business Services Limited that markets, promotes and sensitize people about High-quality Made-in-Nigerian products , certified to have met international starndard.

Recently, peoples perception about Made-In-Nigeria product has changed, as it is now on high demand, because its affordable and still of high quality to compare to it competitors.

Therefore, unecem.com can be said to be a Made In Nigeria Online Marketplace....... Awesome Right?

But the Good News is not just Buying this Quality and affordable Nigerian made products, but the fact that you can also make money using this platform.

That means that a User can BUYor INVEST,or BUYand INVESTon these products to make 5% of the initial capital. interesting right ?.

But that is not all, when you refer some one to the site(as a User) using your referral link, you make 2.3% of the persons initial capital, withdrawable after each 5 referral...

our mission

Unecem e -Trade can simply be called a made in Nigeria Online Market Place with the mission of: Creating awareness on Quality Made-in- Nigeria products. Promoting and Marketing of this product for easy access around the nation and the world at large. Advertising, Sensitizing , informing and updating people of high quality and unique Nigerian made products. Creating wealth for unecem.com Users.